Here are some of the FAQ’s. If you can not find the answer, contact us

What types of tow truck needed? Do you guys provide towing service for lowered sports vehicle and how you would tow it,

Yes, we towing those low spring low ground clearance vehicle only on flatbed right approach, flex raw tow truck bed it prevents bumper from touching or breaking on the ground. 

Can you tow vehicle without the key? Are you assisting in that area?

Yes, we use wheel-dollies, slide -skies, under wheels to roll up the flatbed tow truck profesionaly 

How do you tow vehicle with broken suspension ?

We use skies or dollie’s under tires and hook vehicles to winchline to winch up on flatbeds. 

How to tow if he have a broken ball joint or tire rod?

No problem, use a ski under the tire for a smooth slide up the flatbed.

How long is wait time for tow truck to arrive?

Wait time is about 20 min to arrive on a scene.

How does the vehicle stay secure on your tow truck?

We strap it with wheel straps on each wheel and tighten it, then front winch hooks gets atached onto correct position of vehicle frame.

Do you work with AAA?

No, but we Tow World Towing Service can tow for you fast ETA and with reasonable price. You can submit paid invoice that we provided to AAA so they will reimburse you.

Do you tow unauthorized vehicle?

Tow World Towing does not impound vehicles. 

Does your company do impound?

We do not have towed away vehicles. Our company does not impound cars.

Does Tow World Towing do jump start?

Yes, we do.

Flat tire change assistance in Renton, Wa?

Yes, we change tire, our roadside service covers Renton area.

Do you do fuel delivery?

Yes, up to 5 gallons to start up your vehicle.

Lockout service?

Yes, Tow World Towing performs lock out, opening up driver locked door.

Do you provide motorcycle towing?

Yes, we tow on flatbed motorcycle, scooters, electric wheelchair 

Do you tow boats with trailers? Yes we do tow on flatbed 20' trailers with boats.

Yes we do all types of trailers small, medium, one axle trailers.

Do you tow pop up folding camper trailer, travel trailer,

Yes we do all types of trailers small, medium, one axle trailers.

Do you have auto auctions?


What type of towing ?

Any car or truck or equipment we tow, haul, transport, deliver.

Why did you choose to start towing business?

I enjoy helping people with vehicle needs. 

What major road, intersections do you service?

I-5, I-405 N, I-405 S, SR-167 S, SR-167 N, I -90 E, I-90 W.

What towns cities counties you work in?

Renton, Wa, Maple Valley, Newcastle, Bellevue, Issaquah, Factorial, Seattle. King county.