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Medium Duty Towing in Renton, Wa Flatbed tow truck tows under 7,000 lb, commercial large walk in, box truck, delivery truck, delivery van, bucket truck, cherry picker,dump truck, rack truck, small school bus, trailers, flatbed truck, couriers, furniture delivery, passenger van, pop up campers, small motorhome.

Medium Size Towing uses flatbeds the safest option for medium duty towing, as it will raise the vehicle onto the bed, eliminating all contact of truck’s tires with the road.

Medium-size towing vehicles with a GVWR between 16,001 and 26,000 pounds. Class B

Flatbed are the most common way to tow vehicles. The trucks flatbed is usually lowered to ground level before the vehicle is winched or driven onto the flatbed.
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Medium Towing in Renton, WA

How wonderful to be assisted at times of truck need and receiving all the best. Here at Tow World Towing in Renton, Wa we specialize in medium size towing needs. Call for fast great experienced tow truck driver Greg. 

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