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Flatbed towing and Newcastle WA Roadside Assistance performs fast service and reliable transfer with two front frame hook on to the frame, with four wheel straps for safety and secure vehicle load, our prices are reasonable within each job scope. Our roadside service is full-range of hands on, vehicle lock out- if you forgot keys in a car, with proper tools job is done fast and right, also delivery of diesel or gasoline to your vehicle- we fill your tank, ready on the go, jump start your dead battery is easy- mobile jumper is very handy and can be reached anywhere in tight parking spot or small garage dead end, winching out during snowing, rainy days- our roadside assistance with flatbed tow truck winch to pull your vehicle no matter the size- small- medium duty job gets done. For Newcastle Wa roadside assistance Call us at (425)679-2500 Greg and visit our site here